New Stainless Steel Range of Contemporary Hardware

Bow Handle   D-Handle.png   Inline-Bar-Handle   v-Handle.png  
Bow Handle D Handle Inline-Bar-Handle V Handle
Stamford Installed  SS-Ingot-Knocker  SS-Numbers  SS-Letterbox
Stamford Handle Ingot Knocker Numbers Letterbox

Marine stainless steel is an upgrade from the standard door furniture hardware.
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Locking Systems

A door guard is available is also available

Night Latch Lock
Night Latch
Electronic Opening Lock
Electronic Opening Lock

Winkhaus Locking System







Chrome Letterplates
Chrome Letterplate
Gold Letterplates
Gold Letterplate
White Letterplates
White Letterplate
Black Letterplates
Black Letterplate
Hammerite Letterplates
New Colour - Hammerite
Copper Letterplates
New Colour - Copper







Chrome Door Handle Gold Door Handle White Door Handle Other
Chrome Door Handle Gold Door Handle White Door Handle Lever Pad Handle
The above range of door handles are also available in black.


Chrome Door Handle Gold Door Handle    
Hammerite Door Handle
Copper Door Handle

Colours available

Door Knockers & Numerals

Chrome Door Knockers
Chrome Knockers
Gold Door Knockers
Gold Knockers
White Door Knockers
White Knockers
Black Door Knockers
Black Knockers

New Colour - Hammerite

New Colour - Copper

Door Numerals

Colours available

Backing Glass Options

Stippolyte Autumn Everglade Contora
Stippolyte Autumn Minster Contora
We offer the full Pilkingtons Backing Glass Range.


Door Guards

Chrome Gold


Coloured Weatherbars

Weatherbar Black Weatherbar White Weatherbar Green
Black White Green
Weatherbar Blue Weatherbar Red  
Blue Red