High performance FD30 Fire composite door

CDC has the pleasure of introducing our new single, double and offset fire composite doors all with FD30 minute fire test certification
Our door exceeds your expectations for a fire door in every way.  Not only is it the only FD30 double and offset door, it looks great with all the aesthetics of a timber door.  The doors are low maintenance and energy efficient.
ideal for those who have previously had glass panels either side of the door or new build.
Instead of having a fixed sidelight on the left or right of your door, how about having a matching half door which can be opened (or fixed) allowing furniture and larget objects in and out of the house without any problems. The left or right door can be lead door (master)

View Our FD30 Fire Test Result Video for single and double doors Here

Fire Test Start

Begining of the test

FD30 Fire Test

Half Way Through Test

FD30 Fire Test results

Final Results after 44 minutes